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Kim Kardashian Out Of Sight When Fisticuffs Break Out At Vienna Opera Ball, Leaving Man Bloodied

Kim Kardashian (left), her mother Kris Jenner (right) and their host, Austrian businessman Richard Lugner (center), arrive for the Vienna Opera Ball at the State Opera in Vienna, Austria, on Thursday. Kardashian attended Thursdays formal ball at the Wiener Staatsoper as the Kim K sextape paid date of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, 81, and was on the receiving end of some rude, but not violent, behavior herself. API/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES Johannes B. Kerner, center, tries to calm an unidentified man who was ultimately punched at the Vienna Opera Ball. The man on the right punched the man for some unknown offense. The reality starlet, 33, appears to have been out of the lobby when an unidentified man started the fight by verbally attacking well-known German TV personality Johannes B. Kerner, 49.
Source: Kim Kardashian out of sight when fisticuffs break out at Vienna Opera Ball, leaving man bloodied

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