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Ray Clark Dies At 82; Lawyer In 'night Stalker' Serial-murder Case

In 1991, Clark was named criminal defense lawyer of the year by the John M. Langston Bar Assn. , the oldest and largest organization of African American lawyers, judges and law students in California. He continued to practice until 2002, when the symptoms of Parkinson's began to interfere with his work. After that, he managed real estate properties he had acquired and did volunteer work. Ray Gonzales Clark was born in Old Town , check this out Fla., on Jan. 30, 1931. The unincorporated town, west of Gainesville , was so poor that in the local school photo from Clark's time, none of the children were wearing shoes, Clark-Johnson said.
More: http://www.latimes.com/obituaries/la-me-ray-clark-20140127,0,6421266.story

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